Tajinaste Red of Teide "Echium Wildpretii"

Description of the Red Tajinaste

Tajinaste Red of Teide.

The Echium wildpretii received this scientific name in honor of the Swiss horticulturist Hermann Wildpret, a very important character in Tenerife since, as the main botanist of the La Orotava Botanical Garden, created to cultivate tropical species, he expanded their diversity and was also a promoter of many other parks and gardens on the island.

Tajinaste Red of Teide "Echium Wildpretii"

Characteristics of the Red Tajinaste

The red tajinaste, also known as Teide blood, is endemic to the island of Tenerife. It is a shrub that develops a rosette of very dense, lanceolate leaves, the base ones longer than the upper ones, silvery tones.

The flowers are coral red, hence its name, and are arranged in a spiky fashion. It can reach 3 meters in height.

Red Tajinaste Distribution

The red tajinaste is in the Cañadas del Teide, La Fortaleza, the Ucanca Valley and near the National Parador. It is a Canarian flora that is found in the peaks of the island.

In summary, the Teide red tajinaste is an endemic species of the Canary Islands that is found mainly on the island of Tenerife. It is a shrub that can reach 3 meters in height and develops a rosette of dense, silvery leaves. Its coral-red flowers are arranged in a spiky fashion.

Source: CanariWiki – Gobierno de Canarias.

It is essential to become aware of the importance of preserving wildlife and flora and take action. This is because the flora plays an essential role in the balance of ecosystems. Therefore, it is essential to protect and take care of the native flora of Tenerife and it is totally forbidden to steal it.

Also, you should know that forests and plants play a role in cleaning the air, controlling the climate and conserving biodiversity on our planet. Also, plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, which is beneficial to all living things.

We are obliged to protect the flora and take action.

Tajinaste Red of Teide "Echium Wildpretii"

Tajinaste Red of Teide.

Teide National Park map

Before going to Teide National Park, follow the rules. Do not damage these spaces and do not litter.

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Tajinaste Red of Teide.

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