Water Pipelines

In different trails in the south of the island of Tenerife you can find different water channels, such as canals, cuttings, siecas and pipes.

His job was to distribute water to the places where it was most needed.

The supply was mainly for agriculture, but has been changing with the growth of urban and tourist use.

Video of water pipes in the south of Tenerife

Water Pipelines

I love knowing all these stories of our island and I hope you do too, because you can see the effort they made to create them and the ingenuity to overcome the different obstacles. Every time we go through these sites, we must respect what we see and not break what many with their effort have been able to create. These pipelines are very important that they continue to supply the places that need it.

In Gerardo Oronoz’s photographs, we see chopping blocks that were created to reach thousands of hectares. That helped in past times that they not only dedicated themselves to herding.

Remember that it is in your hands to care for and preserve these important sites. If one day you want to walk and enjoy these places, do not leave garbage, do not damage these beautiful landscapes.


Images the Water Pipelines in Tenerife Island.

Water Pipelines
Water Pipelines

Photographs by Gerardo Oronoz.

Water Pipelines Tenerife Island.

Videos of Tenerife on our YouTube channel

Water Pipelines South of Tenerife Island.

The Los Derriscaderos Natural Monument is located in Granadilla de Abona in the south of the island of Tenerife. The Derriscaderos.

Watch the following video with images of Juan Govea.

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