Integral natural reserve of the Roques de Anaga

Tenerife Natural Area 🌄

Discover the natural wonders of Los Roques de Anaga Integral Natural Reserve, a protected area on the northeast coast of Tenerife that combines stunning landscapes, rich biodiversity, and geological interest.


Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, is known for its nature, its diverse ecosystems and its rich cultural heritage. Among them is the Los Roques de Anaga Integral Nature Reserve, a natural area that encompasses two islets (Roque de Fuera and Roque de Tierra).

Located in the municipality of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, it is part of the Anaga Rural Park, it is an extension, with deep ravines and lush forests. With its views, its rock formations and its diversity of flora and fauna, the reserve is a unique place for nature lovers.


  1. Geological wonders in Los Roques de Anaga Integral Natural Reserve
  2. Birdwatching
  3. Hiking trails

Sub Headings:

Geological wonders of Los Roques de Anaga Integral Natural Reserve

The Roques de Anaga are geological formations that arose as a consequence of the volcanic activity of the island.

Birdwatching in Los Roques de Anaga Integral Natural Reserve

It is a Special Protection Area for Birds (ZEPA) and is also part of the European Natura 2000 network.

Hiking trails in Los Roques de Anaga Integral Natural Reserve

It offers a variety of hiking trails. From short easy walks along the coast to challenging peak hikes.


What is Los Roques de Anaga Integral Natural Reserve?

The area is on the north side of Tenerife and belongs to Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

What is the size of the reserve?

These are two small islands (Roque de Fuera and Roque de Tierra) that cover an area of 10 hectares and are bursting with natural beauty and geological and scenic appeal.

What is the biodiversity of the reserve?

Is home to a rich biodiversity, with a variety of endemic plants.

Visitors can follow hiking trails. But always consult the rules of the authorities and ask for authorizations if necessary.

Integral natural reserve of the Roques de Anaga.


The geological formations and the landscape, together with its abundant flora and fauna, show that it is important to take care of the natural environment of our planet. We have to make sure that future generations can have a healthy ecosystem.

Source of information: Wikipedia

ROQUES DE ANAGA ⛰️ Reserva Natural Integral 😎 Tenerife ✈️

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How to get:

Follow the rules of the rural park. Look at them on their web pages and don’t leave trash.

Integral Natural Reserve 🌳

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