Roque Bermejo | Anaga Rural Park


The Roque Bermejo | Anaga Rural Park.

Is a population entity administratively belonging to the Anaga district of the municipality of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

It is a small coastal hamlet in the Anaga massif that, although it does not have a permanent population, is a second residence for residents of Punta de Anaga or San Andrés.

It has a jetty, a shop and a small hermitage dedicated to the Virgin of Candelaria.

Nearby are the Anaga Lighthouse and the small beaches of Muelle and Roque Bermejo.

Roque Bermejo | Anaga Rural Park

The hamlet takes its name from Roque Bermejo, a geological formation located on its coast.

It is located next to the mouth of the Bermejo and La Quebrada ravines, at the easternmost end of the Anaga massif and the island of Tenerife. Located at an average altitude of 37 meters above sea level, it is about 35 kilometers from the municipal capital.

Roque Bermejo TenerifeRural Park

Photography José Yurda

In its landscape, the rocky elevation known as Roque Bermejo or Corcovado stands out, which gives the village its name.

The Ossuna family was the owner of the local hacienda, known as Hacienda de Anaga, until the middle of the 20th century, when it was transferred to the Bishopric of Tenerife.

Hermitage was built in 1934.

In 1994 it became fully included in the natural space of the Anaga Rural Park.

Source: Wikipedia.

The Roque Bermejo Map

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The Roque Bermejo

The Roque Bermejo | Anaga Rural Park

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