What is Teide Violet?

Teide Violet (Viola cheiranthifolia) is a unique and endemic plant species that can only be found in the highest areas of the Cañadas del Teide National Park in Tenerife. Its distinctive mauve flowers make it a standout among other plant species found in the park.

The Vulnerable Situation and Protection of Teide Violet

Despite its beauty, the Teide Violet is facing a vulnerable situation, and is under a protection and recovery plan. The plant only grows on rocky slopes above 2,500 meters, and almost to the top of Teide, at about 3,600 meters of altitude. This limited natural habitat makes it vulnerable to changes in its environment, as well as human activity.

Importance of Protecting Teide Violet

It is important to protect and preserve the Teide Violet, as it is a unique and exclusive species of Tenerife. It is vital to prevent any harm to this plant and its habitat, and to take action to ensure its recovery and continued existence. Let’s do our part to keep the Teide Violet safe for generations to come.



Photograph by José Yurda

Video of Teide Violet.

La Violeta del Teide
La Violeta del Teide


If you go to Teide National Park, comply with the rules. Look at them on the official pages. Do not damage the spaces you see and do not leave traces of garbage.

Teide Violet.

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Teide Violet.

Old Peak - Teide National Park #tenerifeisland #canaryislands

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Teide Violet.

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