The Millennial Dragon

The one known as Millennial Dragon Tree from Icod de los Vinos, north of the island of Tenerife, is a huge specimen of dragon tree (Dracaena draco) declared a National Monument in 1917.

The Millennial Dragon Tree - Icod de Los Vinos | Tenerife ✈️


It is a tree-like plant belonging to the Monocotyledonous group that has abnormal secondary growth. Therefore, it is a woody herbaceous, rather than strictly “tree”.

At present it is the largest and longest known in the world of its kind. It is about 18 meters high and has a perimeter at the base of the trunk of twenty meters and more than three hundred main branches.

The flowers possess 6 petals and as many stamens of a creamy green or very pale yellow tone and cluster in showy inflorescences that protrude from the leaf set. They are small and numerous.

This dragon tree is the symbol of Icod, as can be seen in the coat of arms of this Canarian town. In the surroundings of the dragon tree there is a park called Drago Park, which exhibits different plant species endemic to Tenerife. It is also the plant symbol of the island of Tenerife.


The Millennial Dragon Tree - Icod de Los Vinos | Tenerife ✈️

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