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Located in Abona, on the south side of the island of Tenerife, Fasnia is an idyllic getaway.


Historians trace its roots back to the ancient Guanches, the original settlers of Tenerife, as archaeological evidence of their presence still remains in the form of caves, settlements and carvings.

The municipality is also home to several historical monuments, such as the Church of San Joaquín.

Its geography is diverse and presents a variety of landscapes, from the coast to the peaks.

It is known for its impressive beaches and cliffs, as well as the Herques ravine.

Hikers will love Fasnia because it has many trails that will take them to its most impressive places.

Fasnia is a municipality that has something for everyone: history, nature, hiking, gastronomy and more.

If you are looking for a quiet and charming place, you must include a visit to Fasnia in your trip to Tenerife.

Here you will find several articles about the most emblematic places of Fasnia.