The laundries Park - El Sauzal | North of Tenerife


The laundries Park in El Sauzal.

Laundries Park in El Sauzal, is a charming place that is on a cliff 200 meters above sea level.

Its name comes from the history of the use that its neighbors gave to the sources in the past.

The old washhouses of El Sauzal were renovated in 1987.

Its surroundings are wonderful landscaped spaces that give a special color to the park and its waterfall. The views are unprecedented to the north coast of Tenerife.

Go ahead and take a good walk in this area of ​​the municipality of El Sauzal.

If you visit the laundries Park in El Sauzal, you must comply with the rules. Do not damage this space and do not leave traces of garbage.

The laundries Park in the municipality of El Sauzal.

The laundries Park - El Sauzal | North of Tenerife
The laundries Park - El Sauzal | North of Tenerife

Photograph by Karole_photography.

How to get to The laundries Park:

Comrade Gerardo Oronoz always shows us spectacular places on the island of Tenerife and we totally appreciate it. We learn a little about the history of these sites and in turn, we want to give you the greatest respect. Our intention is that all these unique corners are seen in an amateur way, but always with the intention that they are preserved and not damaged when visited. We leave you the link of the Ermita de Rojas so that you know a little more.

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The laundries Park – El Sauzal | North of Tenerife.

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The laundries Park in El Sauzal.

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