Roques de García

Discover Roques de García in Tenerife

Roques Garcia in the Teide National Park.

Tenerife is a popular vacation destination in the Atlantic Ocean, ranked as the second-best destination by European tourists. One of the must-visit sites on the island is the Roques de García, a unique set of rock formations located in the Teide National Park, a designated World Heritage Site.

What are Roques de García?

The Roques de García are a set of rock formations that were once located at great depth but were exposed when Las Cañadas was formed. Over time, the different hardness of the materials that compose them has caused the irregular shapes to be worn away by erosion. One of the most distinctive rocks is Roque Cinchado, which stands out from the rest and has become a natural monument.

Where are Roques de García located?

Is situated in an elevated position overlooking the Ucanca plain near the Parador Nacional del Teide in the Teide National Park. The stunning views and unique natural formations make it a popular place for tourists visiting Tenerife.

If you are planning a trip to Tenerife Island, be sure to add the Roques de García to your list of places to visit. You won’t be disappointed!

Photographs of the roques.

Roques de García
Roques de García ❤️💚💜 Parque Nacional del Teide 😎 Tenerife 🔵

How to get to:

What you should do if you are going to see the Roques de García in Tenerife Island.

If you visit the Teide National Park, remember to comply with the rules. Check them out on their official pages. Do not damage these natural spaces and do not leave traces of garbage.

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