The Arch of Tajao | Arico – Tenerife Island

The Arch of Tajao - Arico - Tenerife Island

Arico Stone Arch. The Arch of Tajao is located in the municipality of Arico, in the southern part of the island of Tenerife. Visiting the arch will not present too many difficulties and has an easy accessibility. What you will not see at first glance, you need to look closely and you will find. The […]

5 Natural Pools on the Island of Tenerife 🏖️ Canary Islands ✈️

NATURAL POOLS OF TENERIFE 🏖️ Puddle of the Wind – Municipality of La Guancha  5 Natural Pools Landscape of ancient volcanic eruptions that merged with the sea and cooled, is the result of this space on the La Guancha coast. An impressive place thanks to its beauty. You will feel calm from the strong waves […]

2 Volcanic Sand Beaches of Tenerife with Blue Flag 🏖️

2 Volcanic Sand Beaches of Tenerife with Blue Flag

BEACHES OF TENERIFE 🏖️ 2 Volcanic Sand Beaches: Tenerife has some beaches that will leave you speechless and some are not golden sand, they are volcano ash sand. After what has happened, one really wants to enjoy a good swim in the sea and even more so with the heat that we are having. Of […]

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