The Tancón Cave

Puddle that is prohibited its bath.

The Tancón Cave is a blowhole where its strong currents push you to the bottom and leave you trapped. Please, do not bathe in this puddle, it is very dangerous. It complies with the prohibition warnings, which indicate the authorities. Don’t risk your life.

Our goal is to show the corners of the island in an amateur way, but never promote dangerous places for people. We thought about removing this article, just like we did with a video. But we think we can spread the ban on its use and how dangerous it is.

These are very hard times because of what has happened and we send our condolences to the family.

Forbidden and dangerous puddle.
Remember that the bathroom is prohibited and is indicated on 5 signs.

The Tancón Cave in Tenerife Island.

It is a deadly trap because of its dangerous currents.
It complies with the regulations of the authorities. Check them out on their web pages.

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The Tancón Cave in Tenerife Island.

We show you some beaches where you can enjoy the sea with peace of mind:

There are better places to visit on the island than this cave.

Amateur videos from the island of Tenerife on our YouTube channel.

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The Tancón Cave in Tenerife Island.

We leave you the link to another cave on the island of Tenerife. The cave is located in Santa Cruz of Tenerife and is called Red Cave.

End of article the Tancón Cave.

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