Te mostramos la isla de Tenerife de una forma aficionada y más cercana.
Te mostramos la isla de Tenerife de una forma aficionada y más cercana.

Taganana – Santa Cruz of Tenerife

Taganana what to see ❤️💚💙

Taganana (Santa Cruz of Tenerife)
Photography by @Jose_yurda.

Taganana – Santa Cruz of Tenerife

It is a population entity of the municipality of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, on the island of Tenerife.

It is one of the most important towns in the Anaga massif and one of the oldest towns on the island, being also an independent municipality throughout the 19th century.


Taganana (Santa Cruz of Tenerife)

Anaga town 😍

Its name is of Guanche origin, some authors relating it to the word anagan which means ‘surrounded by mountains’, or from tagănan, ‘ascent’ or ‘hill’.

It is located in the valley of the same name, on the northern slope of the Anaga massif, 24 kilometers from the center of the municipal seat. It has an area of 10.21 km² and is located at an average altitude of 112 meters above sea level.

Taganana (Santa Cruz of Tenerife)

Photographs by Marco Glez.

Taganana (Santa Cruz of Tenerife)

It is formed by the nuclei of Azanos, Bajo Roque, Casas de la Iglesia, Casas del Camino, Cruz Vieja, El Cabezo, El Calvario, El Cardonal, El Chorro, Fajanetas, La Chanca, La Cuestilla, Lomo Blanco, Lomo los Lirios, Los Naranjos, Mazapé, Portugal, Roque de las Bodegas, San Antonio and Tachero.

Source of information:https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taganana

Taganana – How to get there:

Sunset in Taganana – Photographs by Aitor Perdomo Sosa

Taganana – Santa Cruz of Tenerife

Taganana - Santa Cruz of Tenerife
Photography by Aitor Perdomo Sosa.

Anaga is a magical natural and historical place on the island of Tenerife. With its many farmhouses, it has been an important part of the island’s history. Nowadays, it is very popular for its beauty and uniqueness.

As you walk through Anaga, you will notice the different hamlets. Everyone has his own story to tell. You will also see the many animals that call this place home. Among them there are goats, chickens and even donkeys.

The views from Anaga are impressive. You can see the ocean in the distance and the mountains surrounding the island. It is an amazing place to visit and you will never forget your stay here.

If you visit Taganana, remember to comply with the rules established by the authorities. Check them out on their official pages. Do not damage these spaces and do not leave trash remains.

Taganana – Santa Cruz of Tenerife

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Taganana – Santa Cruz of Tenerife.

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