National Parador of glens of Teide | Tenerife Island ✈️

National Parador of glens of Teide

Teide National Park National Parador of glens of Teide 🌋 The Parador of glens of Teide is a hotel establishment located in the heart of the glens of Teide National Park. It belongs to the Spanish public company Paradores Nacionales. It was promoted by the General Directorate of Tourism and carried out by the architect […]

Tenerife Auditorium | Santa Cruz of Tenerife 🎼

Tenerife Auditorium

Adan Martin Auditorium🎼 The Tenerife Auditorium, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, is a building designed by the architect Santiago Calatrava. It is an iconic structure that stands out in the city’s skyline and serves as an important cultural center. With its striking white marbles and glass dome, it is a true sight to behold. The […]

The Millennial Dragon Tree – Icod de Los Vinos | Tenerife ✈️

Millennial Dragon Tree Park

ICOD OF WINES ✈️ The Millennial Dragon The one known as Millennial Dragon Tree from Icod de los Vinos, north of the island of Tenerife, is a huge specimen of dragon tree (Dracaena draco) declared a National Monument in 1917. It is a tree-like plant belonging to the Monocotyledonous group that has abnormal secondary growth. […]

Costa Adeje Tenerife: An Idyllic Holiday Destination in Spain

Costa Adeje Tenerife

Introduction to Costa Adeje Costa Adeje in Tenerife, located in the south of Tenerife, is a go-to destination for those looking for a perfect getaway. With its beaches, crystal clear waters and lush gardens, Costa Adeje is an idyllic place to spend a Good vacation. Costa Adeje Tenerife beaches The area is home to some […]

Where is the Pico del Teide located? Exploring Tenerife’s Iconic Volcano

Where is the Pico del Teide located?

Teide National Park Where is the Pico del Teide located? Pico del Teide is a famous volcano located on the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands. It is the highest peak in Spain, rising to a height of 3,715 meters above sea level. The volcano is one of the most visited tourist attractions in […]

Shadow of Teide | TENERIFE ISLAND ✈️

Shadow of Teide

TEIDE NATIONAL PARK 🌋 The Shadow of Teide Teide casts the largest shadow in the world projected into the sea. NASA explains why Teide’s shadow is triangular. The reason for the geometric shape of the shadow when in reality the Teide is not a triangle. There is no more to see the crater. The reason […]

Maritime park César Manrique 🏖️ Santa Cruz of Tenerife

Maritime park César Manrique

TENERIFE POOLS 🏖️ The César Manrique Maritime Park is located in Santa Cruz of Tenerife. The Architect César Manrique was in charge of the work of this magnificent place. It is located in the current expansion area of ​​the island capital (Cabo-Llanos), close to other buildings such as the Tenerife International Center for Fairs and […]

TEIDE CABLE CAR | Teide National Park – Tenerife Island ✈️


Teide National Park 🌋 The Teide cable car is located in the Teide National Park in Tenerife, being the highest cable car in Spain. It ascends from the base station, located at 2,356 meters above sea level on the slopes of Teide, to the La Rambleta station at 3,555 meters above sea level and only […]

Art in the city!!! Puerto de la Cruz | Tenerife Island ✈️

Art in the city!!! Cross port - Tenerife Island

PUERTO DE LA CRUZ Art in the city!! An expression that Carmen Rosa Estevez Peres shows us through her photographs. He is honestly not wrong and it can be said that Puerto de la Cruz has a lot of art. The streets of this municipality in the north of the island of Tenerife are an […]

Paradise Beach in Adeje | Tenerife Island ✈️

Paradise Beach in Adeje

Paradise Beach in Adeje – Tenerife Island ✈️ Adeje Paradise Beach is a holiday complex located on the coast of Adeje, in the south of the Canary Island of Tenerife. It is one of the neuralgic points that make up Costa Adeje. Costa Adeje is a place with a privileged climate that invites you to […]

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