Lookout 500 Steps


Lookout 500 Steps

Lookout 500 Steps is located in the municipality of Tacoronte, in the north of the island of Tenerife. A municipality that is beautiful.

A viewpoint that is a corner of the north of Tenerife that we recommend your visit and you should not miss it.

Its views are unbeatable to the Acentejo Coast, which stands out for the overwhelming beauty of its cliffs and for its rugged landscape, being a perfect example of the morphology of the north coast of Tenerife.

Vídeo de Marta David Hpg desde el mirador.
Mirador 500 escalones - Tacoronte #vendevisitaatenerife 😍 #vacaciones

It gives you the possibility to see the presence of the imperious Teide volcano in the background of this beautiful place, as long as the day is cloudless. On the other hand, it gives you views of the virgin beaches of volcanic origin in the north of the island.

A privileged place, where you can see beautiful sunsets in the north of the island of Tenerife, it is another option that gives you this space.

Lookout 500 Steps in Tacoronte.

Lookout 500 Steps

Photographs by Jose Yurda.

More images of the Mirador 500 Escalones.

Lookout 500 Steps

Photographs by Gerardo Oronoz.

How to get to the Mirador.

What you should do if you go to Lookout 500 Steps.

Comply with the rules, look at them on the pages of the authorities. Do not damage the spaces you see and do not leave traces of garbage.

Hears!!! What are you waiting for and subscribe to the channel.

Vista de la Playa de Castro - Los Realejos #tenerife #youtube

Lookout 500 Steps

The Derriscaderos – Natural Park of Tenerife: The Los Derriscaderos Natural Monument is located in the municipality of Granadilla de Abona in the south of the island of Tenerife. We leave you your link and you will surely like it. The Derriscaderos.

Los Derriscaderos - Granadilla de Abona #tenerife

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