Te mostramos la isla de Tenerife de una forma aficionada y más cercana.
Te mostramos la isla de Tenerife de una forma aficionada y más cercana.



Ezequiel Herrera in a writer, secondary school teacher and film critic.

Passionate about the arts and teaching, Ezequiel Herrera is always among the waters of education, training and cinema.

Graduated from the University of La Laguna in Art History and a Master's Degree in Teaching, Ezequiel has obtained several certificates in Film and Art Seminars.

With four books on his back and several assistances to conferences, the young canary has participated and participates in various media and digital magazines, where he talks about teaching and culture, such as Candelaria Radio or the 35 mm magazine.

He also participates in social movements in some associations such as the Luis Celso Sociocultural Association and Añaza speaks, where he contributes his knowledge and solidarity for the community good. He is also committed to cinema in the Canary Islands, since his love for the seventh art has led him to have experience in acting with various authors and producers of Canarian cinema, enriching his research experience at the Filmoteca Canaria, where he learned to value and identify and promote the culture of Canaria.

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